About Us

Cosy Paws is a family run business supplying co-ordinated dog beds and puppy gift packs to homes in the UK.

Cosy Paws came to mind when searching for pet products that co-ordinated to make matching sets. In particular I was looking for a gift for a friend who had just got a new puppy. I was unable to find a suitable gift that was both stylish and came as a ready-made pack.

Working as a dog groomer and owning a dog myself gave me great inspiration to supply and provide dogs with fine quality, luxurious products. Most dogs I know like nothing more than to be in the most comfortable spot in the house so I decided to seek out products that were the ultimate in comfort as well as using colours that compliment the modern home.

All my products are proudly tried and tested by my very own dog Joey (above).

Thank you for your interest in Cosy Paws.

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